Alright, Here's My Story . . .


Who are you?

Hey, I'm Liam - weightlifter, fitness geek, crazy scientist (hair included), and body transformation coach. Thanks for stopping by to check out my site.

Explain your 'why'?

I started Optimised Fitness with one goal in mind: to share the 'light bulb' moment I had with health and fitness. Along my journey, I realised that our minds and bodies are high performance machines. Right now, you're sitting in the driver's seat of a Ferrari. You're just stuck driving it around like a beat up old Volvo. I want to get you racing! But don't think that you need to be an athlete, sporty, or naturally gifted to get there. I work with everyday people who want to live optimally without overhauling their lives.

what do you do?

My life is dedicated to constantly learning and coaching you on the most simple and effective ways to build your ideal, fully functional body. I'll show you how to make this stuff fun. It'll build you up instead of being a chore. Your life shouldn't suck. This is not a rehearsal! It's the one shot you get. And time is a non-renewable resource. If I can inspire you to get hooked, you'll never look back!

The idea of Optimised Fitness is to teach you to be your best version. Whether it's trying to lose weight. Build muscle. Dial in your nutrition. Or just doing something as simple as your first pull up. Finding out what your body is capable of and busting through your barriers is what I'm all about.

Ok, so what does this mean to me?

I've dedicated the last seven years of my life to obsessively learning and experimenting with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle design. I've learned a lot along the way about building muscle, losing fat, behavioural psychology, and being prepared for a zombie apocalypse. So, if want to look and feel amazing without a life overhaul, you're in the right place. I don't pretend to have all the answers. But what I can offer you are habits and skills that will get you results.

Tell me more about the real you?

I'm an Aussie, but I wasn't blessed with crazy surf skills, an uncanny ability to outperform others at every conceivable sport, or wrestle crocs. In fact, I was probably the only Australian ever to shy away from PE growing up. So if I can get fit, anyone can!

As I transitioned from whippersnapper to young adult, I joined the corporate world. In the land of cubicles and office banter, I did what most people do. I drank a lot, partied too hard, ate crappy food, and didn't move much. I was living a toxic lifestyle. And it showed. I ended with a whole host of health issues like bad skin, poor digestion, fatigue, and feeling like shit all the time. I knew there was a better way. I just didn't know how to get there.

I turned to weight training to try to get fit. I'd like to say the rest is history. But it took a lot of failed attempts along the way before I got my health in check. It was these failed attempts that taught me more than any of my successes. I also got the opportunity to work with an amazing personal trainer and started doing Krav Maga. These experiences inspired me. I suddenly realised how food, movement, and purpose in life really do matter. Who would've thought!

Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle design have become the focus my life. So I took a risk and quit my job as an environmental scientist to follow my passion. My vision is to create a community of optimised humans capable of handling anything the world throws at us (including zombies).


Tell me some Random Facts

I voodoo floss my joints regularly

When I grow up, I want to be a gymnast, ninja, or Jedi Knight

I love slacklining

He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have, and always will be, my heroes

I'm learning how to backflip

I had the coolest rats tail ever growing up (they were in, trust me)

I blend my vegetables into weird slushy concoctions

the boring stuff - what are your qualifications?

Bachelor of Environmental Science, University of Canberra

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Emergency First Aid for Industry (OFA Level 1 with CPR/AED), St. John Ambulance